Chic Mess Natalia Strapless Dress

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Ελαστικό μαύρο  mini φόρεμα

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Ελαστικό μαύρο  mini φόρεμα

-Μεσοφόρι στραάπλες

-Εφαρμοστή γραμμή

Σύνθεση : 95% cotton ,5% spandex

Made in Greece with love

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Chic Mess


Chic Mess


The company Chic Mess, based in the city of Thessaloniki, was born as an idea and was transformed into a creation in the winter of 2015, having spent 5 years in the field of fashion. It is based on a 52-year-old know-how, being the newest line of clothes of a family craft, which from generation to generation was gaining experience and turning it into an innovation, always placing it one step ahead of fashion, thus entering the clothing industry dynamically. From the day of its creation by Georgia Datou, an up-and-coming ambitious graphic designer with a vision, Chic Mess clothes have captured our imagination and experimentation in a variety of fabrics and unique patterns! This great heritage has been housed in many homes and has gone through many trials. Nevertheless, it remains alive and continues to face a country with many difficulties and great competition. In our company the insatiable thirst for creation and the effort for distinction never stops as it is the primary pillar of our principles. Our collections, designed and produced in Greece, have a characteristic style that gives elegance and highlights femininity. We have a wide selection of clothes between swimwear, leggings, blouses, shirts and skirts which are made with the aim of highlighting your body! Thus emphasizing the details and the special designs we create clothes that give a different style. The christening of the brand took place at the event of the Fashion by Ioanna Vlachou store where the consumer first came in contact with our clothes showing his admiration and trust. The impact on the public, fed us with an appetite for even more innovative ideas and original patterns, giving the designs of our imagination ‘flesh and bones’. The first appearance at a trade show did not take long to follow when only in January 2016 CHIC MESS participated in the Athens Fashion Trade Show at the Metropolitan Expo in Athens, showcasing its spring-summer collection. Already gaining a recognizable position and maintaining its continuous growth, the company Chic Mess has formed a network of 48 retail stores (Boutique) in Greece and another 6 abroad. Such an immediate response in such a short period of time demonstrates the acceptance of consumers and the important place it has occupied in youth-special clothing. The company Chic Mess now has nationwide recognition! The list of its innovations is long, offering a vision for the future of casual culture and urban style, through its pioneering designs. People from the show business with their own personal style and point of view in the field of fashion such as Maria Korinthiou, Anta Livitsanou, Eugenia Samara, Thomas Apergi, Pantelis Kanarakis stood out by showing their support. In 2016, our collaboration with the famous actress Penelope Plaka launched our summer collection! Then, our collaboration with Toybox by Christina left its own mark on our spring collection! With the new SS2017 collection, the first step was taken to enter the fields of children's and men's clothing. We promise you, therefore, a great and creative effort for the future with many surprises!