Femi Stories Sweetie Beanie Love Stripes

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Τα σκουφάκια της Femi είναι η απόλυτη επιλογή για το χειμώνα. Είναι ζεστά πολύχρωμα και ταιριάζουν με τα πάντα!

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blue, pink, purple


Femi Stories

Two sisters, two strong female personalities. They started writing the history of Femi Stories - until recently known as Femi Pleasure - several years ago. At the beginning, in the quiet of conversations over coffee, on the beach, and now - creating an international, but Polish clothing brand for girls who live life to the fullest.
Femi Stories is a story about how the founders live. Travel, delicious and healthy food, respect for the body and mind, girlishness that is not afraid of the extreme ... Femi Stories is a story about you!
Femi Stories means patterned prints, juicy colors, and nature-inspired themes. Each collection is "signed" with a specific motif, which emphasizes its unique character. The highest-quality materials, produced with care for the environment, are to keep up with the needs of Femi Girls, giving them freedom of movement and full spontaneity.
Femi Stories is a passion for movement - from snowboarding and surfing, through yoga, to jumping in front of the stage at a rock festival. This is the power that the girls - the founders - want to pass on to other girls. It is born in the heart and makes you unstoppable.