Homeboy X-tra UFO Cargo Denim


The original baggy pants! With these baggy trousers in corduroy you exude real OG vibes.

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RUNS LARGE – Order at least one size smaller than usual.

The original baggy pants! With these baggy trousers in corduroy you exude real OG vibes. The trousers have a super wide cut and are in no way inferior to their originals from the 90s. With the x-tra MONSTER pant, we not only adopted the key details (“homeboy x-ta” embroidery; rainbow fly tab; X-seam on the back pockets), but also the fit. This high-quality baggy 100% cotton will give you enough legroom to push your limits during every skate session and in everyday life! If you don’t believe us, then ask our homies Daniel Ledermann, Wanja Bach, Loco Papi, Panos Loupis and many more from our team …

Fit: The baggy trousers are cut to fit at the hips, but have a super wide leg in the thigh and knee area. It is tapered, so it tapers a little towards the bottom of the leg so that it rests on the shoe without slipping over it.

Material: 100% cotton, corduroy
Waist height: Normal

The model is 185 cm tall, athletically slim and wears size 32L32.

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30/32, 32/32, 34/32, 36/34







Homeboy was founded in 1988 as the world's third streetwear brand. 30 years ago, streetwear was still original and stood for skatewear. Homeboy's origins lay in skating, but their hand was already extended towards music when they were founded. The year 1988 is considered hip-hop's breakout year. Cult bands like Public Enemy, Run-DMC, NWA and Ice-T shook up the scene not only musically but also fashionably. Homeboy sensitively absorbs the vibes of rap culture and the artists' mentality and shapes them into fashionable originals. As early as 1989, the label equipped the German hip-hop legend Moses Pelham. In 1991 the Fantastischen Vier joined. In the 80s, the first action sports began a future that forever shaped an entire generation of athletes. Skating was the origin of a “coolness” that has had a lasting impact on fashion over the years and decades. Skinny jeans are fashion's latest achievement, thanks to skaters. In 1993, the Warped Tour combined skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and music, sending an attitude to life into the world that changed an entire generation. TEAM Homeboy included skateboarders, snowboarders, BMXers, Moto-Xers, surfers, wakeboarders and freeskiers. All of this still has a permanent place in our souls today. HOMEBOY – THE ORIGINAL BAGGY PANT COMPANY: Many streetwear classics were created under our leadership in the late 80s and 90s. In 1991 we shocked the fashion world with the first Homeboy baggy pants. Baggy pants are the rising star of the streetwear scene and are on their way to replacing skinny pants. The pants have been updated and have arrived in the now. The cut is tapered, the legs are slightly rolled up. The vibe stayed. Homeboy has been in the thick of things since the beginning and nothing will change that. Things that changed the world: Coach Jacket: In 1989, Homeboy was the first brand in the world to release a nylon shirt jacket called the “Coach Jacket” with its logo on the streets. This jacket brought the “Homeboy Loud Couture” logo hundreds of thousands of times to European cities. From Diesel to Nike, everyone followed us later. Baggy Pants: In 1991 the time had come. The “Baggy Pant” was introduced by us and shocked everyone. Nobody believed that these new “jeans” would win against the undisputed No. 1, the Levis 501. And this homeboy item also influenced fashion in Europe’s cities by the hundreds of thousands. Coach Shirt Reversed: the “Coach Jacket” was part of Homeboy and we developed it into a sweat shirt with press studs, which we sewed together “wrong” and “flocked” with a large “Homeboy Loud Couture” logo. The “Coach Jacket” and the “Coach Shirt Reversed” are classics and are showing up again in the clubs of big cities today. Action Sports: Skateboarding – Snowboarding – BMX – Surfing – Moto-X Music: Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, Korn, Rage against the Machine, Mob Deep, MOP, Tic Tac Toe, The Fantastic Four, Moses Pelham, Crazy Town and much, much more…. Street art: We worked with artists like Jeff Soto, Dave Kinsey, Adam Pommier or Ben Tour and Caia Koopman, which meant that we paved the way for street art to make its way into streetwear very early on. HOMEBOY Loud Couture We are streetwear