Circa Lakota SE Μποτάκι

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The C1RCA Lakota SE is a stylish, mid-top sneaker which is perfect for cold winter days. The shoe is lined with a warm, Sherpa fabric, has a waterproof, durable outer material and an outer sole with grip – which also happens to be waterproof. The layer of material which starts at the toe cap extends through to the ollie area, where it´s triple-stitched. Not bad, right? We feel like going on an adventure already!

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The heel area of the C1RCA Lakota SE is also reinforced, and the padding at the ankle area provides a perfect fit. These features combined with the lightly-cushioned EVA insole give the wearer of the C1RCA Lakota SE an outstanding level of comfort.

The vulcanized sole construction of these skate shoes are ultra-flexible and feel great on your feet – even when they´re not on your board! Additional label detailing such as a logo patch on the tongue and a metal, contrast-color shoelace eyelet top the C1RCA Lakota SEs off perfectly.


– high-quality suede
– waterproof
– warm Sherpa lining
– triple-stitched toecap
– reinforced ollie area
– reinforced heel
– contrast-color metal shoelace eyelet
– padded tongue w/ logo patch
– cushioning EVA insole
– outer sole w/grip

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C1RCA FOOTWEAR was founded in San Clemente, CA in 1999. Since then, C1RCA team has worked to become one of the most established skate shoe brands in the industry.
The brand was started by skate legends Chad Muska and Jamie Thomas. Over 20 years later, the brand continues to produce some of the best skate shoes on the market. They're no stranger to innovative designs, such as the legendary "Weed-Stash-Pocket", a zip pocket in the tongue of Chad Muska's pro model shoe - designed to help prevent unpleasant discussions with the law. A milestone for C1RCA was the 2006 release of their video "It's Time".
The video raised the bar for skateboarding and pushed the brand to a new height of popularity. Their team has changed many times over the years, but they have always maintained a high-level group of pro skaters to represent the brand.
The current USA pro team includes:  Adrian Lopez - he has been in C1RCA since the very beginning - James Brockman and James Martin.  As always, C1RCA remains "Committed to Skateboarding"!
THANK YOU to anyone that has ever worn C1RCA, or is about to… we will always consider you family.