Oneball Shape Shifter Pizza Snow Wax


Shapes and smells for fun hot waxing or rubbing it on.  All temperature range. Smells like you died and went to Pizza Heaven!

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Shapes and smells for fun hot waxing or rubbing it on.  All temperature range. Smells like you died and went to Pizza Heaven!

Sold in singles or 18 packs.

Size: 110g

Made in the USA

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One Mfg brand began when long time pro snowboarder/board designer Matt Cummins and his friends starting making waxes in Jay's garage. That was 1983-84. Matt and Jay had just made their first snowboards with the help of Jay's Dad and they thought why not make some wax. The surf wax they had just made got the name "One Ball Jay" from the guys at Gnu Snowboards when the story of Jay's accident with a skateboard was told. For years the brand was called “ONEBALLJAY”. The “JAY” was dropped eventually and then to ONEBALL which then slowly morphed in a big way to the Red Ball Icon that says "ONE" and now the brand is referred to as ONE Mfg. Matt’s family opened up a speciality snowboard and skate shop in 1988 called Northwest Snowboards in Tacoma, WA. A room in the back of the shop was used for wax production, traction pads, and an occasional surfboard lay-up. Paul Ferrel (Mervin, Bent Metal Bindings product designer) worked at the shop and developed OneMfg's first snowboard stomp pad and helped make wax before Matt brought in his long-time BMX and surf buddy Bryan Rushforth. Bryan took production to his Mom’s basement before moving to the “Factory Sheds” built on Matt’s folks spare lot under the skateboard ramp while dialing in the business. Matt turned pro snowboarding in the early 90's and handed out product throughout his travels. Word got out and interest grew while traveling between snowboard contest, skate contest, the beach, and local mountains. Snoqualmie Pass, White Pass, Crystal Mt. and Mt. Baker are the local stomping grounds around their factory. Product was handed out to all the rippers and the brand was born. Over the past 30 years One Mfg has developed some of the fastest snowboard wax and ski wax in the world. Winning more events and races than imaginable. Mt. Baker Banked Slaloms, X-Games, and Olympic medals. One Mfg offers an extensive line of products developed and manufactured in-house.  From snow waxes and accessories to speciality riding back packs, a complete line of bicycle care products and surf waxes. One Mfg continues to innovate and bring new ideas to market with a focus on manufacturing in-house whenever possible.
Today, One Manufacturing in located in Belfair, Washington at the south end of Hood Canal. Which is a short drive to the local hills. Which amounts to an amazing talent pool of riders and great terrain to get real feedback on products. Local mountain bike trails are fifteen minutes from the office as well. "We realize we are extremely lucky to have so many great relationships with so many people over the years! We have sponsored and continue to sponsor some of the best athlete on the planet! We appreciate what each and every rider brings to us and we can’t thank them enough for their support! Check out our Ambassador page and check out their Instagram handles." One Mfg was born the PNW. Founded, owned, and ran by folks that live and breath in the outdoors. From literally a hotplate for melting wax in a kitchen to an international brand sold worldwide covering many sports and products.